Janelle Meredith

Janelle is an experienced Real Estate agent with over 15 years helping homebuyers and sellers achieve their goals in the Maryland and Washington, DC area. She believes wholeheartedly in the unique and personal nature of real estate.  She asks questions to learn what is truly important to you, listens intently, and proposes various win win solutions to meet the desired needs.

Before obtaining her license, Janelle would visit and tour model homes in new home communities and be inspired by the décor and the home styles. She would then recommend communities and model homes to all her friends and family who were interested in purchasing a home. She enjoyed it so much, a career in real estate was born. 

Janelle’s professionalism is evident through her long and distinguished career in service to our nation as an Air Force Veteran.  Her client's have commented that her personable and professional demeanor puts you at ease allowing instant rapport building.  This enables you to learn about her local market knowledge, skills, and abilities that demonstrate how she can advocate, negotiate, and represent you successfully.

She holds a degree in Business Management / Marketing from the University of Maryland and a MBA from Webster University. In her spare time, she loves to do interior design, specialty faux painting, home furnishings and accessories shopping.  Family is a top priority for Janelle as well as spending time with friends. Janelle resides in Maryland with her husband.

Her philosophy is simple, clients come first.   She measures success through the satisfaction of her clients and not through her achievements or awards.